Insured accidents due to which the object of insurance is destroyed (total wreck), lost, or damaged, are the following events which have to have the signs of contingency and probability:

  • random external shock ;
  • fire or spontaneous ignition ;
  • traffic accident which happened in the process of moving and parking a car and with its involvement, where people died or were injured, other vehicles, constructions, cargos were damaged, or other material damage was caused;
  • stealing of the car, its units and devices or hijacking;
  • natural disaster ;
  • unintentional actions of third persons which resulted in loss, destruction or damage of the car and which happened during the life period of the insurance contract.

In case insured accident happens, the Insured has to inform the Insurer immediately and also if possible take reasonable and available in the current circumstances measures to minimize possible damage. At the same time the Insured has to follow the Insurer’s instructions undeviatingly.


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